I am Christian Rupprecht, postdoctoal researcher at VGG with Andrea Vedaldi in Oxford. I was a PhD student at the Technical University of Munich, Germany supervised by Nassir Navab and Gregory D. Hager. I have been an intern with Chris Pal at the Montreal Institute For Learning Algorithms.


  • I have successfully defended my PhD at TUM (pdf of dissertation coming soon)
  • One paper accepted at ACCV 2018
  • I have joined VGG at the University of Oxford
  • I have submitted my dissertation
  • One paper accepted at CVPR 2018 (spotlight) (code coming soon)
  • I am spending 4 months as an intern at MILA with Chris Pal until May 2018
  • BaCaTeC funded project with Leonidas J. Guibas on 3D reconstruction and retrieval
  • I presented at the Doctoral Consortium at ICCV 2017
  • One paper accepted at CVIU
  • Talk at Nvidia GTC in San Jose, California on deep learning for 3D scene understanding.
  • One paper accepted at ICCV 2017

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